Corporate bank card: how to choose the right one?

Although, just under 15% of small and medium-sized enterprises are rushing to use the corporate bank card, it is still useful. There are many advantages for both the employee and the company itself. Between time saving and practicality, this often neglected little kit has enough to be part of the approach of good administrative management of a company. But it still needs to be well chosen so that it can guarantee you all the desired functionalities. Before making your choice, there are a certain number of points to consider concerning the company bank card.

What's a corporate credit card for?

There are good reasons why some companies are thinking of making bank cards available to their employees. On the employer's side, this tool is effective in tracking and managing business expenses while the user is travelling. Among these expenses are, for example, budgets allocated for meals or gas. The company card therefore reduces the employer's tasks to a minimum, since the employer will no longer need to check expense reports and the various related receipts on paper. This payment solution also makes it possible to better manage the employee's travel budget. As for the benefits on the employee's side, the credit card is also very practical. Since it automatically records all transactions, the user will no longer have to manually transcribe business expense reports. Moreover, needless to say, this means of payment is much more secure. The company card is valid both online and directly at retailers. It is also operational abroad.

The types of card to choose

The company card must be chosen according to the employee's needs and the company's resources. If you plan to use it abroad, for example, you should be aware that some types of card allow you to make free withdrawals. They can also provide you with a wide range of insurances: medical, cancellation, in case of loss, etc. Note that if you are part of an SME, the bank card you need is the business card. Many offers are available depending on the nature of your profession, whether you are a craftsman, a self-employed worker or a member of a medium-sized company. For larger companies, it is best to choose the corporate credit card. This one has the advantage of making a better management of the expenses of each employee. In addition, it is possible to pay with this type of card for all kinds of expenses related to telephone subscriptions, hotel and train reservations, daily meals, etc. It also allows you to benefit from several insurance policies linked to travel, whether in the event of accident, illness, loss or theft of personal belongings, etc...

The privileges available to you

Not only is the corporate bank card convenient and simplifies life and work, it also offers small extra privileges that are a pleasure. Whatever offer you subscribe to, you'll be entitled to a few rewards due to your loyalty. This can then earn you gift points and other benefits from your card partners. Some ranges will earn you points for every euro you spend, for example, which, once you've collected a large number, you can use to make purchases for your company. Others allow you to accumulate points linked to your various business trips and can give you discounts for future trips.
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