Why invest in crowdfunding?

Lower level of risk than an investment on the financial markets, higher return on investment than standard financial investments… many are the reasons that motivate investors to invest their savings in innovative and promising projects thanks to crowdfunding! It is…

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What kind of crowdfunding to invest in?

In fact, the term “crowdfunding” obviously encompasses three forms of participatory investment: traditional crowdfunding in the form of a donation, crowdlending or lending to companies and crowdequity or equity crowdfunding. So before investing with crowdfunding, you should not forget to…

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How to invest in real estate through crowdfunding?

In France, participatory financing or crowdfunding is attracting more and more investors. And via crowdfunding, it is of course possible to invest in new real estate. We therefore talk about real estate crowdfunding, i.e. participating in the equity of a…

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Everything you need to know about crowdfunding real estate

Crowdfunding is a new 2.0 financing concept allowing individual investors to invest alongside promoters. Understand how real estate crowdfunding works Participatory financing or crowdfunding, which is very much in vogue today, has not stopped attracting investors since its appearance. Yes,…

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