Credit repurchase solutions for professionals and freelancers

Published on : 18 March 20204 min reading time

Given the events and situations, Liberal business leaders and workers sometimes worry about over-indebtedness. The problem can also result in financial insecurity under the pretext of having to meet loan repayment deadlines. To avoid bankruptcy and the abandonment of their projects, professionals are able to resort to credit repurchase solutions. How to benefit from them? What are the steps to follow and what are the advantages?

Management buy-out

Entrepreneurs are full of good ideas for developing their businesses. This can be the proposal of new products and services. Development strategies can be the creation of establishments and related agencies. It can also be the recruitment of qualified workers to collaborate with the management in the sustainability and development of the company. Beyond the personal contribution of the company manager and the financing obtained thanks to the relevance of the business plan, he may be led to resort to financial loans from reputable borrowing agencies. However, the strategies put in place may not achieve the expected results. In addition to business expenses such as employee salaries, taxes, rent for certain business premises, the business manager and his team are faced with the need to repay the loans taken out. Buying back professional credit appears to be the most appropriate solution to get out of this difficult solution. The service provider studies the case of the company director who has taken out a loan and wonders about the legality of the company, the guarantees to be proposed to convince the financial institutions to accept the application for a credit consolidation.

Restructuring solutions for liberal workers

Business credit buyouts can benefit hard-working Liberals. These are in particular people who work on their own account and who exercise professions in fields such as commerce, crafts, agriculture, sewing, web professions… These professionals have a special status, namely that of self-employed, micro-entrepreneur, auto-entrepreneur… For the development of their activities, they may need to borrow money from banks, microcredits and similar financial institutions. In some situations, the profitability of the project that has been set up and which has been worth the financial loan is not as professionals really want it. Fortunately, credit bundling is also for Liberal workers. With this in mind, the credit bundling advisor puts together a file for the independent professional who wants to use this restructuring solution. When putting together the file, he or she will take particular care to highlight the creditworthiness of his or her client once the monthly payments have been reduced. He also indicates the various guarantees, housing or workshops to be mortgaged in order to gain the confidence of the institutions offering credit repurchase solutions.

Personalised support for the purchase of professional loans

Credit pooling is one of the financial solutions of interest to professionals in cases of financial insecurity and over indebtedness. In order to take advantage of the best offers in credit consolidation, it is important to hire the services of an experienced advisor in the field. To compile his client’s file, the advisor asks about his professional status, the nature of his activities, his monthly and annual profits… He also asks about available balances and contingencies, assets that can be offered as guarantees… Once all these elements have been noted, the advisor then assists his client in the interpretation of the credit repurchase simulation. This involves defining the appropriate amount for the payment of the monthly installments and also the appropriate length of time for the extension of the debt repayment period. The advantage of collaborating with a confirmed credit repurchase advisor is that he has a special relationship with financial institutions and is able to easily convince them to accept a restructuring file. He can also negotiate the length of the repayment period and the amount of the monthly payments in order to satisfy his client. Professionals who are well occupied with their work and who cannot travel frequently can very well make a request for credit repurchase online, on the site of a confirmed financial restructuring advisor.

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