Home loans: benefit from the advice of a broker

A bank is a financial institution that offers a wide range of products and services to satisfy its customers. The real estate loan is an example of a proposal designed to finance the acquisition of a property. In order to concretize a real estate loan, benefit from the advice of a broker to ensure your profile as a borrower.

The broker

A broker is a professional bargaining agent in the brokerage business. He acts, on behalf of his client, as a negotiator of the best rates and advantages in order to obtain the real estate loan. Thanks to his many partnerships, the broker has the best rates in different banks. Under these conditions, he is an important factor in obtaining a bank loan.

The advantages of a broker

The broker saves time. Indeed, he organizes the project planning and takes care of the communication with the banks. In addition, banks respond more quickly to real estate brokers and provide them with lower loan terms than individuals. The broker benefits from his professional skills to adapt to different types of files, including those that are complicated. He also has the means to promote files to highlight their strengths. His independence shows no interest in favouring one bank over another. The broker is remunerated once the real estate loan file is validated.

How to choose a broker?

A broker more expensive than others does not necessarily indicate the efficiency of his work. It is advisable to choose a broker with considerable experience in the field, which displays its partners, its fees and services. A good broker integrates the amount of his commission into the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) of the loan. Brokers who claim fees before the file is validated and those who canvass are not advised. In this sector, canvassing is punishable by law, as this sales technique is prohibited for intermediaries in banking operations. Independent brokers are more tolerable than Internet brokers. Indeed, Internet brokers are only improved real estate credit comparators. Nevertheless, some of them offer their service free of charge. As for the independent brokers, they will automatically be paid by the bank that will have retained and accepted the client's file. The best real estate brokers must have a level 1 diploma approved by the Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Solutions (IOBSP) and must be registered with the Organization for the Register of Insurance Intermediaries (ORIAS).
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