Open a savings account online: which offer to choose?

Putting money aside is a precaution that has adapted to the demand. It is no longer necessary to go to a "physical" bank. Savers now have the option of opening an accumulation account from their computer.

An online savings offer

There are two types of passbook accounts. A distinction is made between those that are settled (with provisions laid down by the State) and those that are settled on terms decided by the banks. A promising interest rate remains the most popular criterion for online banking savings, in addition to the practicality that this hoarding offers to customers. The fees for opening a savings account are reduced in this "online" form. A bank without customer premises has lower costs and these are therefore not passed on in the same proportion. It is in the interest of savers to check the services offered by their chosen online bank. The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) must be read before subscribing!

Online savings: instructions for use

To open a passbook from home, the access methods are simpler and quicker than in an agency. All you have to do is fill in the e-form corresponding to a passbook account opening on the website of the bank concerned. The future saver will be asked to provide several documents. These documents will be scanned and of course sent by internet. An identity document is required: it can be a card, a residence permit or a passport. A "specimen signature" is required for each holder of a joint savings account. As proof of residence, it is possible to scan your water or electricity bill or a rent receipt that is less than 3 months old. The latest tax (or non-tax) notice is also suitable. Sometimes additional documents are requested, such as pay slips. The deadlines for the final opening of your online savings account vary from one establishment to another. As soon as the agreement is effective, the online services are operational for the benefit of the saver, who can start to pay money into his or her savings book.

Have a productive savings account

It is in the interest of interested customers to choose an advantageous formula, whether regulated by the State or not. This requires an analysis of the proposed rate of remuneration. If an online bank offers a passbook account with an attractive interest percentage, other criteria must be checked. The availability of your funds is an important prerequisite that must also be taken into account. An unregulated passbook account is also taxable and it is best to take these costs into account in advance. To benefit from active savings, it is essential to transfer regular amounts to your account. The latter is subject to ceilings, depending on the formula chosen: from 1,600 to 61,200 euros. Thanks to an online passbook, savers can control their transfers and organize them as they wish. Depending on his expectations, he can opt for a more or less efficient account, by balancing his preferences: security and rather low remuneration or better profits without immediate availability of his money. Opening a savings account is allowed to any adult resident in France.
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