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Published on : 18 March 20206 min reading time

Every year, the inhabitants of Lausanne are obliged to make a tax declaration. This operation is already within everyone’s reach. However, it is proving difficult to carry out. It is a real headache for most people. Fortunately, the trustees can already assist them. They are agents whose main role is to make life easier for individuals. In some cases, they offer services through agencies or companies specialising in several areas: tax declaration in Lausanne, taxation, etc. They also help those who do not have the time to declare taxes. Those who find it difficult to follow the procedures to be followed for the declaration can at the same time call on the help of a known trustee. But what are the main advantages of contacting this kind of expert? And how do you choose the best one?

A trust company: what is it?

Many people are not yet familiar with what a trust company is really all about. It is actually an organisation that specialises in wealth management. It can be involved whether it concerns an investment fund, real estate or a portfolio of shares. Signing a trust agreement just requires a great deal of trust. In reality, you have to choose the company carefully, because sometimes some of them are used for dishonest actions (money laundering, embezzlement, etc). To prevent you from falling into these traps, the state already requires that every trust agency be registered and recognized by law. In France, for example, according to the law that was announced in 2007, trust companies are placed under the “trust” approach. This approach adds a notion of patrimony in the legislation of each organization. This reduces the risks of encountering agencies that carry out dishonest interventions. However, on the market you can find several types of trustees. There are the energetic ones. There are those that specialize only in investment funds. In all cases, the company of your choice can help you with your tax return in Lausanne.

Why is it difficult to file a tax return in Lausanne?

There are several reasons why it is becoming more and more difficult to file a tax return in Lausanne. According to demographics, Lausanne is in 4th position. And, with its large surface area, it has more than 400,000 inhabitants since 2014. 60% of the inhabitants concentrate on particular activities. That said, it is rare to find companies that hire employees. At the moment, it is also home to 56 sports federations. According to the information received, Lausanne will also host the next Olympic Games in 2020. It should be noted that declaring taxes in Lausanne is an obligation both for the inhabitants of this district and for those of the canton of Vaud, which is right next door. Paying taxes on residence as well as income is essential. As far as the federal tax is concerned, it is the confederation that is responsible for it. All this makes the job even more complicated. Indeed, making a tax declaration in the Swiss city can take a lot of time. Also, the procedures involved are time-consuming, because the more people who do it, the more diverse the requirements become. If you want to avoid wasting time, you should therefore appeal to a court of law known in the area.

Declaring taxes: what is the best solution?

There are several ways to calculate taxes in Lausanne. The natural person has the possibility to go directly to the premises and fill in the form. Today, with the evolution of technology, it is also possible to make the declaration via Internet. The contributions, for their part, benefit from a secure and easy-to-use methodology. The declaration can be returned within a maximum of 3 weeks. Please note that if you want to opt for this solution, you must make the declaration between 21 May and 4 June. For citizens who use the classic method, this deadline ends on 16 May. The advantage of using the web is that you can access it at any time. All you have to do is use a tablet, a smartphone or a computer with a connection. In addition, a pre-completed declaration is already provided to you. It allows you to provide information on your salary, pension, etc. Once you have finished filling in the form, you must send it by e-mail. For the calculation, it is done manually.

What are the advantages of using a trust company?

To declare your tax in Lausanne, nothing is more practical than using a trust company. An organisation that specialises in this field offers you a fast and above all efficient solution. As an expert in the field, the company hires specialists capable of eliminating any errors when calculating your taxes. This means that you will not be in danger of unpleasant surprises. The team also gives you advice. Their help is now indispensable to ensure that your tax return goes smoothly. The agency team is used to taking care of the paperwork. They do not risk making mistakes that can penalize their clients. Note that by opting for this solution, you will also save time. In fact, it is advisable to trust a fiduciary agency if the due date is approaching. The company will ensure that the declaration is made as soon as possible and that there are no delays. It already takes care of everything, from filling in the form to calculating the taxes.

How important is it to pay taxes to Lausanne every year?

A resident of Lausanne has a duty to fulfil his responsibilities as a citizen. He must pay taxes once a year. The municipality will use the funds collected to carry out urban projects. That said, for the good of the city as well as to create a better environment. For example, taxes become indispensable for the contribution to buy equipment to clean up the city. However, the money is also used for various constructions: hospitals, schools, roads, public squares (garden, toilets), etc. It should be noted that the amount of taxation as well as the tax calculation in Lausanne is not the same for everyone. Moreover, for each district, the amount is fixed by the tax authorities in charge.

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