What are the different types of life insurance?

At first glance, we can say that life insurance is one of the preferred investments of the French. With a personal insurance policy, life insurance is a savings contract, i.e., the policyholder entrusts the insurer with his or her money so that it can grow for a set period of time, even for life. Therefore, behind the term insurance there are generally two types of life insurance contracts, namely life insurance in case of death and life insurance in case of life.

Focus on different life insurance contracts

The difference between so-called life insurance before deathy and so-called life insurance in the event of death lies, of course, in the guarantee trigger. In the case of life insurance in case of life, the element that triggers the guarantee is obviously the survival of the policyholder. The latter, at the end of the contract, will be able to benefit from the capital or the annuity paid by the insurer. In this type of contract, it is the subscriber in question who is the beneficiary. As for life insurance in case of death, as its name indicates, it is the death of the subscriber that will trigger the guarantee.  Therefore, if the subscriber dies, a lump sum will be paid to a beneficiary designated by the subscriber. In addition to these two classic contracts, there is also a third contract known as a blended life insurance contract, i.e. the merger between the two previous contracts (life and death). At the end of the contract, the capital or annuity will be paid either to the subscriber in question, if he is alive of course, or to a beneficiary, in the event of the subscriber's death.

Single and multi-support life insurance contracts

The single-unit life insurance contract, as its name suggests, is invested in a single investment fund, generally in euros (invested in low-risk money markets), but rarely in units of account (bonds, shares, units of investment companies with valid capital Sicavs, FCP mutual funds, etc.). The multi-support contract is a contract that allows subscribers to diversify their savings by investing in several investment vehicles: one part in euro funds to provide greater security for their savings and the other part in units of account to boost them. The policyholder will therefore be free to allocate his savings according to his risk profile or asset strategy.

Compare to find the best life insurance

In order to take full advantage of the various benefits of insurance, a life insurance comparison should be made via an online comparator. Via this 100% free and non-binding tool, you can get more details on the amount of fees charged, the performance of the contract, its profitability, earnings, and so on. In just a few clicks, you can compare the offers on offer.
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