Managing life insurance: which offer to choose?

The management consists of delegating the administration of your investments to a company or a financial investment advisor. This term most often appears in life insurance because it is considered a separate investment (good return, retirement products, advantageous taxation, etc.). Find out a few points to check when choosing the best managed life insurance offer.

Choose the best price

In the case of life insurance, the choice of the best offer is primarily based on the cost of the benefit. Management is accompanied by a variable cost depending on the managers and the guarantee clauses. In order to estimate the cost of their service, the providers follow several methods, such as increasing the unit-linked management fees. The cost also depends on the trade-offs made. To these influencing factors is added the level of performance required for the task. It should be noted that these amounts are added to the other rates in your life insurance policy. In addition, it is possible that certain financial entities offer management services free of charge. In this case, the total price that surrounds all the services is more expensive. In order to find the best formula, seek the services of a comparator. These platforms publish a lot of information on managed management. They also evaluate the most suitable offers for each policyholder.

Choosing the best investment support

The choice of the best management also depends on the investment vehicles selected. As a general rule, diversification is fundamental in financial management. Indeed, it allows for better risk management through a combination of asset classes, management styles, business sectors, etc. Managers offer between 10 and 30 investment funds. Some management companies prefer in-house funds, i.e., their own investment vehicles, even if they perform poorly. Other companies suggest classic euro funds, euro real estate funds or dynamic euro funds. There are also unit-linked funds that involve investing in risky or secure vehicles. And other firms suggest euro-growth funds, which fall between euro funds and unit-linked funds. Among all these investment vehicles, it is best to choose the least expensive one. In this way, you will be able to ensure the performance of your investments.

Choose a personalized management plan

It is important for each insured person to benefit from individualized benefits in a controlled management system. Tailor-made services guarantee a better investment performance. Before presenting the appropriate benefits, the manager studies the amount of your income and your assets. This examination enables him to determine your risk-taking capacity. He then assesses your various real estate assets. Then, he draws up an action plan based on your projects and objectives. Each client is offered a specific service including a unique asset allocation. In addition, you should know that some banking institutions reserve the personalized piloted management for the wealthiest clients. Other asset management companies group each client into categories of individuals who will benefit from specific services.
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