What to watch during an apartment visit?

A visit to an apartment always happens pretty quickly. Many visitors later regret not having been able to ask such and such a question or check such and such a point. The best thing to do during a visit, whether you are renting or buying an apartment, is to be well prepared. Find out today everything you need to look at during an apartment visit.

Security and access

There are a few details that need to be analysed closely and security and access are among them. Is the building equipped with a digicode system? Is the entrance door armoured? Etc.


The layout to be checked before buying an apartment obviously concerns the number of rooms, their surface area and their practicality. It will also be necessary to check whether or not there is storage space. Would it be possible to install them easily? Is there a cellar? A car park or a garage? And why not determine in advance what kind of decoration to put in place? That way, you can know in advance whether or not it is possible to do so in the apartment for which you are about to apply for a mortgage.

Energy performance

It will be necessary to be interested in the DPE or Diagnosis of Energy Performance of the property when you want to buy an apartment. The energy consumption of the apartments that have been checked is calculated in hWh/m²/year and classified from A to G. A is the best result (it is green on the report) and G the worst (it is red on the report). The potential buyer will also have to look at other points: - Collective or individual heating - Collective or individual hot water production system - Type of glazing in the whole apartment - Sealing of windows - Thermal insulation in general - Etc.

Sound insulation, natural light and ventilation

The sound quality that a property offers depends on several points to check: - Wall insulation (metal frame, sandwich panels, masonry counter-bulkheads, etc.). - Ceiling insulation (false ceiling with integrated insulation) - Floor insulation (acoustic underlay under the floor covering, i.e. tiles or parquet) - Etc. Concerning the light, it will be necessary to look at the orientation of the house as well as the circulation of light. A house bathed in natural light has positive impacts on the physical and psychological level, in addition to giving an impression of volume. Air circulation is another crucial factor that determines the comfort offered by an apartment.

Be picky

Don't have any qualms about looking for the little beast because this is a major investment that requires a mortgage for most buyers. So be meticulous about every detail imaginable: - The quality of the air - The electrical system - Plumbing - Radiators - Coverings (floor, wall, etc.) - The quality of the structure (facades, walls, etc.) Make the visit ideally during the day and rate the property on several criteria when you leave the visit. Think about buying an apartment if it is well rated on comfort (luminosity, layout, insulation), potential well-being and health (ventilation, humidity, etc.), eco-responsibility and safety. You will then know if the property is worth a mortgage that you will have to pay back for years to come. If you fall in love with the property, the negotiating tips on this page can be very useful.
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